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From copper, to fibre, to Wifi

your infrastructure, it's more important than you think

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invest in the foundations of your business

Your network infrastructure is essential to the success of your business. Unlike replacing a laptop after a couple of years, for most businesses, cabling is installed once and then expected to perform the same from day 1 to day 10,000. Making sure that you choose the right hardware and have a team of engineers qualified to the install correctly first time is essential.

Changes are inevitable

No business stays the same forever. People move desks, offices, want new areas/offices created etc. We can help keep organised/reorganised comms cabinets, move, repatch, install and test; making sure your business foundations are solid.

You'RE in safe hands

Businesses expect cabling to work flawlessly, sadly however not every installer agrees. 

Avoid issues like this by using our team of certified engineers who will fit to industry standards as well as have the skills to find and resolve faults quickly.

Whether you require new copper or fibre, then we can survey, plan, install and certify installations no matter what the size.

system warranties

Don't just get your cabling installed properly; be happy in the knowledge that it also has a 20-25 year warranty.

All warranties are issued to the latest published standards.

The system warranties are only available with systems designed, installed, and tested by approved installers like ourselves.

GET what you need

Trust is vital for a good working relationship and we make sure that you can trust us. No matter what size your business is, we will make sure you are taken care of. You don't have to worry about talking to bonus driven sales people, instead you will speak to honest customer satisfaction driven people.