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Look beyond the LENS

Intelligent cctv solutions

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there is more to security then just an image

If you want a camera on a wall as a basic deterrent we can do that no problems at all.  

But did you know that you can do much more than that?

The concept of security and technology has changed, as businesses no longer install  cameras and physical security devices; they require much more than that to stay prepared.

Loss Prevention & Beyond

Using powerful analytics running within cameras and on the NVR, we can enable our customers to take a proactive approach with various advanced applications such as face
recognition, ANPR, Metadata, people counting, traffic data statistics, etc.

With new technology we can set your system to automatically filter out false alarms caused by animals, rustling
leaves, bright lights, etc.

We make sure we use the technology to improve alarm accuracy.

REACH the Unreachable

Overcome the limitations of traditional Ethernet and POE of around 100 metres across your site.

If you have a large space such as a warehouse, park, garden, or outdoor parking, then achieve more and still use cameras ranging from 1080p to 4K whilst saving money reducing the need from extra hardware which can result is complicated maintenance and increased risk of product failure.   

Your needs met

We offer end-to-end solutions for various vertical markets including retail, transport, health & fitness, finance, and schools.

Regardless of the market your business is in, establishing a comprehensive and robust security solution is a must and we can ensure you get the solution you actually need.

Integrate you current cameras with a new system from us to open new possiblities and options.

Future Proof your Investment

Our CCTV solutions are scalable and very flexible. This means that you can integrate current hardware with new. Moving forward this approach allows you to upgrade at your own pace whilst seamlessly utilising both technologies. 

Customer Satisfaction

We will always ensure that the solutions we offer are tailored specifically for you and your business. We also make sure that the solution grows with your business success.

Professional Advice

Feel assured that our teams expertise and knowledge will ensure you have the information to hand, to effectively procure the correct solution.

Trained & Accredited

Our team are trained and accredited to make sure we offer the
best practices to our customer base. 

Our mission is to empower customers by designing and implementing the best/right solutions.