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The ability to keep in contact with colleagues, customers and patients when away from the office is critical in order to maintain competitive position and good relationships. Mobile phones have evolved rapidly and with the advent of Smart phones have become even more compelling for regular business communication.

These devices are now the mobiles of choice for business people, doctors, financial traders and investment bankers, while the emergency services, breakdown services, couriers and delivery companies are also becoming heavily reliant on these versatile and powerful business tools.

Increasingly instructions, confirmations, orders and important decisions are now relayed remotely and rapidly via mobile handsets, with this freedom there is an element of risk, and until now mobile phone recording has been complicated, unreliable and expensive.

In any organisation where there are compelling reasons to record landline calls and where staff also make similar calls on mobile phones it is logical to record those mobiles. As accountability and risk management become increasingly important regulatory bodies like the Financial Services Authority (FSA) have made it a requirement for many financial services firms to record landline calls. In any case recording mobile devices when your organisation records land-lines makes sense, now it’s available and affordable.

Retell offer the total Mobile phone recording solution:  voice recording, text logging and optional GPS tracking all easily accessed within one secure, web interface.

A simple call recording option is also available which connects to any mobile that has a 4 pole audio socket. Record on demand via a simple slide switch on the unit. The unit has 20 hours of recording time in a single charge and in total 72 hours can be recorded on the 2GB version or 144 on the 4GB. The calls can be easily transferred via the USB link.

This unit doesn’t just work during a call it can be used to record a meeting or memos. Play back can  be via the recorder or a PC/laptop once the calls are downloaded.

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