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Multi-site Support - For customers who have multiple offices with Panasonic telephone systems at each site, multi-site support allows the users to operate from a single server, networking the sites together. Users can send messages to each other, see each others' presence status, transfer and pick up calls throughout the enterprise.

The multi-site feature works in conjunction with the native Telephone System networking, allowing extension-to-extension dialling where possible. When there is no such networking, Go Connect can handle the conversion of extension numbers to their public network equivalent and makes transfers, pickups and forwards possible over the public network, while staying inside the Class Of Service (COS) limits.

Microsoft Active Directory Integration - Active Directory integration allows Go Connect users to be created directly from users already defined in Active Directory. This feature is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with Go Connect’s enhanced client security enabling fast deployment of secured Go Connect user accounts. The Go Connect user accounts will also be auto-populated with both internal and external numbers defined in Active Directory. This is very beneficial for clients that make use of DID / DDI numbers such as the Go Connect Mobile client.

Active Directory integration can also work the other way, that is, telephone numbers defined in Go Connect can populate Active Directory.

Microsoft Exchange Calendar Integration- Microsoft Exchange Calendar integration allows a user’s availability and absence greeting to be updated directly from the Microsoft Exchange server. Direct Exchange calendar integration will update a user’s availability and absence greeting regardless of the status of their Go Connect client.

Voice Recording - Voice recording is now necessary for companies required to comply with PCI legislation. In the past, companies have been allowed to record the whole phone call with a customer and remain PCI compliant. Now however, in order to maintain PCI compliance many companies are required to not record some sections of phone calls, e.g. when taking credit card numbers.

Go Connect CRM for Panasonic integrates with voice recording software to allow for automatic suspension of call recording when applications associated with increased privacy are activated. For example, if you accept credit card payments over the phone and you use an online payment portal to do so while speaking directly to the customer, you may legally need to suspend the recording while the details are exchanged. Simply adding the online payment portal allows Go Connect to recognise when it is opened. Go Connect can then automatically suspend the recording in progress. Furthermore, it can also detect when the same application is closed and automatically resume the paused recording.

With the ever changing needs and demands of companies and their employees, the enhancement list for Go Connect will only continue to grow, making it  more of an indispensable, feature rich business tool.

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Mondago’s Software Assurance product is designed to protect a customer’s investment through the product life cycle.

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