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Go Connect Office- Go Connect Express for Panasonic is a lower cost version of Go Connect CRM supporting all the main features of Go Connect CRM It includes desktop call control, presence, messaging, dialling, integration with Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Places but excludes integration to the many CRM and database systems supported by Go Connect CRM.

Go Connect CRM- Go Connect CRM provides integration to many popular CRM applications. The list of the standard integrations can be seen in the table on the right. Other databases can be supported on a custom basis.

Features available with both versions include:

With either version of Go Connect, every employee’s productivity is increased.

For instance, the caller’s phone number and other relevant data can be shown on screen before the call is answered, depending on the amount of detail and where from will, depend on the version you purchase.

Telephone numbers for contacts can also be searched and dialled directly from within the CRM application, Outlook, web based software and the central address book.

Supported Applications

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Software Assurance

Mondago’s Software Assurance product is designed to protect a customer’s investment through the product life cycle.

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