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The Panasonic NS1000 has already set standards, and its latest development is raising the bar even further. The Panasonic NS1000 NeXTGen makes telecommunication simpler and more flexible than ever before. The hassle-free system saves you time and money, thereby helping to boost productivity in your business. No other manufacturer offers the same cost value solutions.

The NS1000 NeXTGen provides an innovative way for current Panasonic KX-TDA/KX-TDE/KX-NCP series PBXs to be connected via a stacking connection.

This connection is used to connect telephones, devices, and trunks that are not natively compatible with the NS1000.

Such items include DPTs and APTs, DSS consoles, digital cell stations (i.e. non-IP), E1 trunks, and T1 trunks.

By migrating your existing Panasonic PBX systems and linking it to the NS1000, you can eNS1000 can link to a NCP/TDE/TDAfficiently obtain expandability and flexibility for legacy lines and terminals and add IP capacity and functionality at a low cost.

The legacy gateway has so many benefits but at a fraction of a brand new PBX install.

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The IP system offers a large number of advantages, typically including versatile applications (UM - Unified Message); IP terminals with low cost, high sound quality, and easy installation; excellent expandability; add-on backup functions; and remote maintenance. The NS1000 provides all of these while also making IP system migration smoother and easier. This is an excellent chance to offer the IP solution to your customers.

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