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Panasonic's OneNet technology continues to evolve, bringing a common feature set to communications platforms for all types of business, with extensive feature transparency across multiple locations, and scalable solutions.

With IP and SiP technologies rapidly gaining ground, Panasonic continues to enhance its range of OneNet platforms to deliver the best of current technologies, with a view to future proofing – systems are expandable and scalable through hardware and license key upgrades, helping to ensure protection of the technology investment.

Effective business communication needs to be quick, intuitive and simple. Panasonic‘s OneNet range of business communications platforms is designed to be easy to use and easy to administer. they help businesses gain the maximum benefits from their IP network infrastructure, with rapid return on investment in mind.

OneNet systems are available for small, medium and large businesses, with a wide range of configuration options allowing solutions to be tailored to match specific business requirements – enhancing productivity and improving service levels.

Highly modular and designed to improve your business communications workflow - the new and improved KX-NCP

network communication platform enables businesses to effectively reach, serve and retain your customers.

Enhance your business with a platform to enable unified communications - designed to handle the dynamic nature of

high-speed multi-faceted business communications of today.

KX-NCP platforms - helping you to interconnect all your users and customers - wherever they may be.

NCP - Key Business Benefits

NCP at a glance

Advanced unified messaging solutions.

Thanks to OneNet the KX-TVM voice processing range now provides improved integrated voice handling features such as centralised voicemail, message retrieval and mailbox control both locally and remotely. The faster, easier to use platform allows you to keep on top of high call volumes and differentiates your customer-base by directing the flow of traffic to the necessary channels. When paired with a Panasonic OneNet system your company will have a perfectly tailored network solution for all your needs.

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