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Organisations today have moved beyond traditional desktop working environments. OneNet extends desktop functionality to your mobile phone and remote office, while retaining functionality and providing extensive feature transparency. Thanks to continuous product development and enhancements, engineered to meet the needs of our customers, OneNet platforms are more versatile and scalable than ever. now, with the release of software version v5, businesses can benefit from numerous enhancements and new features such as:

Increased system capacity - Systems can now manage larger numbers of digital and single line extensions extra expansion options – more room to grow.

Enhanced call queue management for contact centres - Greater queue lengths - Calls in a queue can transfer to voicemail- fewer missed calls.

DECT paging improvements  Auto answer available for DECT paging calls. Easier access to paging offers peace of mind in hotels, care homes and sheltered accommodation.

SIP Enhancements - Class of service can be assigned using a PIN. Stop incoming calls routing to a public line - More security, especially for publicly accessible terminals.

Functionality Improvements - On demand call recording via optional TVM voice processing systems. Carry out quality checks, develop employees, monitor phone system usage.

Multi-Site networking for Flexible Communications - Panasonic OneNet unified Communication Platforms leverage the latest digital networking, voice over IP (VoIP) and SiP technologies to cost effectively handle intra-office, multi-site and long distance communications over converged voice and data networks, adding integrity to your network solution and reducing your operational communication costs.

Convergence ready, modular, extensible, flexible, SIP enabled, and providing built-in support for unified communications productivity applications; the KX-TDE100 and KX-TDE200 systems are ideal communication platforms for customers to solve all their business communication needs today as well as in the future as they embrace Unified Communications together with full IP telephony.

These systems are designed to be easy to install, cost effective to run and quickly provide a good return on investment.

TDE at a glance

Advanced unified messaging solutions.

Thanks to OneNet the KX-TVM voice processing range now provides improved integrated voice handling features such as centralised voicemail, message retrieval and mailbox control both locally and remotely. The faster, easier to use platform allows you to keep on top of high call volumes and differentiates your customer-base by directing the flow of traffic to the necessary channels. When paired with a Panasonic OneNet system your company will have a perfectly tailored network solution for all your needs.

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