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Enjoy superb mobility no matter where you work, whether it is in an office, factory, warehouse, supermarket, or other large facility. The Panasonic Multi-Cell DECT System keeps you in constant touch with colleagues and key customers even when you have to leave your work area. Elegant, compact and convenient, these high-performance telephones put a host of advanced communication technology at your fingertips.

The Panasonic KX-TCA285 DECT handset combines small size, light weight and durability, with a host of powerful business telephony features, while the Panasonic KX-TCA185 is a good choice for users who want good standard performance at a lower cost. In addition, to handle tough environments - the Panasonic KX-TCA385 ruggedised handset meets strict dust and splash resistant IP64 standards.

One Numbered Extension - You can pair the desktop phone at your office with a soft phone on your smartphone, enabling both phones to be called with a single extension number. You can also forward calls to the paired phone at the touch of a button. This enables customers to easily contact you using a single number.

Multi-Cell DECT System - The Multi-Cell DECT System lets you carry on your conversation over lightweight, wireless extensions while you are away from your desk or moving around an office, factory, warehouse, or other large facility.

Expandable Call Range - An IP cell station allows you to connect a PBX via LAN. If there is a LAN in your work place, you can communicate with remote locations such as branch offices via an IP cell station, increasing the efficiency of your business. Even if you do not have a LAN, you can use a repeater to expand the range of calls within the same office. Feel free to expand the call range according to your business needs.

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DECT Handover

With the advanced Panasonic DECT hand-over system you can move around you office with freedom, safe in the knowledge that your call will come with you.

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Click for cell station detailsThe Multi-Cell DECT System is an integrated wireless mobility solution designed specifically for use with a Panasonic PBX. This system provides automatic hand-over between installed cell stations - enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises.

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