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Konftel make every effort to reduce distances so that people all over the world can meet more frequently. With a Konftel unit on your desk, time and distance are no longer obstacles. It’s fast and simple to hold spontaneous meetings without leaving the office or losing precious work time.

You can quickly arrange ad hoc meetings to discuss small details that might otherwise delay critical projects, or effortlessly meet with the entire team to consider large questions and share the latest information. And with a Konftel conference phone on your desk, it’s equally easy to conduct regularly scheduled meetings.

Konftel has been working at the forefront of technology for two decades and is constantly pushing forward the boundaries of what is possible. Konftel offers conference phones for every situation, from classic analogues to products for VoIP, mobile, DECT and Unified communication use. In recognition of this, they were honoured with the prestigious Product Differentiation Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan. They select companies that have applied new innovative technology to develop products whose performance sets them apart from the competition.

You and your colleagues can sit in your own rooms and be linked up with partners in other locations. Sitting together in a group often stimulates greater creativity and increases concentration on the content of the meeting. Excellent sound quality is critical for effective phone meetings. Participating in meetings via a speaker phone is exhausting if everyone has to repeat themselves because of clipping, distortion or misunderstanding. The superior sound quality from a conference phone makes meetings more productive.

Your company can benefit in several ways by replacing travel with teleconferencing:

The Hub Of Your UC

The Konftel range phones have built-in bridging capabilities for connectivity to office communications equipment, enabling multiparty calls between computers, mobile phones, and regular phones.


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With our expertise and experience you can be assured that any solution will be professionally planned and deployed, and will be administered and maintained after installation meaning you can carry on with business leaving the problems with us.

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No Wires!

Move Konftel’s wirelessmodels to different conference rooms effortlessly

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Conferencing Made Easy

Call meeting participants with the simple push of a button. The guide provides instructions for programming multiparty calls and regularly scheduled meetings.

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Not sure what unit is best suited to you? Why not take advantage of the try before you buy 14 day trial available with every Konftel 300 and 55 unit.

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