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  1. Do you know the paths by which customers navigate your store?
  2. Do you know where customers spend most of their in-store time?
  3. Do you use traffic path and dwell time data to direct premium product placement?

With Agent Vi’s retail solution, you can:

• Analyse store traffic to identify the dominant traffic paths, assisting to pinpoint premium product positioning, determine general strategies for product placement and make better merchandising decisions

• Identify the regions that do not attract customer traffic or result in bottlenecks, and subsequently optimise store layout to best satisfy customers and drive sales

• Use the heat map to ascertain the areas with the greatest frequency and activity (“hot zones”), informing marketing decisions such as the most appropriate locations for in-store promotional campaigns

• Assess the effectiveness of window and marketing displays by measuring customer dwell time, indicating the success of product placement and ROI on advertising investment

• Make decisions that optimise staff allocation, space utilization and traffic flow in line with data regarding dwell time (stickiness) in certain areas

• Use the valuable business insights gained from one store to lift sales at stores that are under performing, by undertaking a cross-analysis of customer behaviour at different stores

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With our expertise and experience you can be assured that any solution will be professionally planned and deployed, and will be administered and maintained after installation meaning you can carry on with business leaving the problems with us.

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